E-sang Patent & Trademark Law Firm was founded in 2005 by patent Attorneys SangCheol Kim and SamYong Kim, has very quickly grown into a firm working with world-wide contacts in the field of Intellectual Property, and currently has six partners and nine patent attorneys.

We represent our clients in the technical fields of electronics, chemistry, mechanics, optics, in particular 

  • Display technologies (LED, LCD, OLED, PDP)
  • Solar Cell, Fuel Cell, Secondary Battery
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Electronic circuits(RF, LSI, Memory)
  • Software and Computer related technologies
  • Wireless Communication technologies
  • Image/Audio related technologies
  • Optical communication
  • Chemical processes and Chemical materials such as metal alloys, synthetics, toners, magnetic materials etc.
  • Medical-mechanical technologies, Robotics  
  • Automotive components

Our patent attorneys have engineering field experience before they joined our firm. Our patent attorneys have worked in major companies as engineer (or patent engineer) in the field of System Software, Mobile Communication, Network, Optical communication, System LSI Circuit design, Semiconductor processing, Semiconductor Memory, Display(LCD, OLED), Automobile before they joined our firm.

E-Sang patent & Trademark Law Firm provides Intellectual Property strategy counseling in Korea to our world-wide business partners. Our patent Attorneys have extensive experience with manners of working for foreign clients, such as reporting on the filing of applications, reporting on official communications from the KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office), and preparation of analysis comments on Office Actions, and reports for invalidity prior art search, etc..

E-Sang Patent & Trademark Law Firm provides international legal services to our foreign clients completely in English. Outside of Korea, E-Sang Patent & Trademark Law Firm works closely with an extensive network of patent lawyers and agents to obtain worldwide patent protection for our clients.

E-Sang patent & Trademark Law Firm also provides legal advice and services in a broad range of Intellectual Property matters, such as patent search, patent map, opinion for patent infringement, trials, design around, technology & IPR transfer, analysis of candidate patents for Essential patents in International Standardization related to 4G Communication, IPTV, DMB, patent portfolio management, evaluation of patent validity and competitiveness related to Display (LED, OLED), solar cell, secondary battery, recommendation of candidate patents for licensing for our business partners based on the engineering background of our partners and patent attorneys.




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